With the lockdown restrictions across the UK, remaining positive has been very tough. For
many of us, our daily activities before COVID 19 included going to theatres, events and
festivals. However, staying at home has become part of our daily routines now. We have all
had to make sudden adjustments with our routines and lifestyles.

Despite the big changes to our lifestyles and sudden amendments to our schedules
there are numerous ways to stay positive during the lockdown. Cultivating an attitude of
gratitude is integral for a healthy and positive mindset. Whether it’s a book you’ve finally
finished reading or a jumper you’ve finally finished knitting, writing down all the positive
things that take place in your life will remind you about what really matters.

Maintaining regular social contact is a good way to help you stay positive. For the majority
of us, we have gone without face-to-face contact with our families and friends for months.
Having social contact during lockdown is vital for one’s mental health and helpful for feeling
connected to people that we are unable to see.

Productivity can come in many forms such as rest. Learning new skills and being constantly
active is not necessary if it’s not helping your mental health. Therefore, it is necessary to be
kind to yourself and to stay positive!


By Mary Babalola