Black female UK producers are certainly the minority in the UK music industry. Women in CTRL’s Gender Disparity in the UK radio report found that women creatives are underrepresented on UK radio with only 3% of producers being women.

Though Initiatives like ‘Women in the CTRL’ are working to create solutions to overcome disparities by conducting research and campaigns it is evident that much more can be done to drive change within the UK music scene over the coming years.

I interviewed singer songwriter and producer Rachael Kay about her experiences as a black female producer living in the UK.

She stated: “I feel as though we lack representation so it is difficult to feel included when you can’t see many people that look like you at the forefront”

She added: “I wouldn’t say that the industry is diverse and inclusive, it seems as though it is changing now. It is very male dominated”.

The producer further stated that though inequalities exist within the industry, doing something outside the “social norm” is great and is now exited to discover many more females like herself in the UK.

I as a black woman hope to see a UK music industry that reflects the general population in age, gender and ethnicities. Do I think it is possible? Yes, certainly.