3 August 2021

2Funky Arts workshop sessions for The LC Hip-Hop History Project are now finished, with sessions in
DJ Skills/ Turntablism, Radio Broadcasting, MCing, Graffiti Art and Food & Social Rituals.

There was a great turnout of young people who were fascinated in learning about the art forms that
contribute to Hip-Hop culture, as well as the vibrant heritage of Black Arts in Leicester, from the 80s

The MCing sessions, hosted by one of the pioneers of rap in Leicester- Craeski, saw 4 young artists
create new and original music to Hip-Hop beats.

SLY & ESTAR, Vial and EmmaG worked with Craeski and Abeo on lyric writing sessions and
performance sessions and then ended the project, by recording their original music at Radio2Funky.

‘It was an amazing opportunity! We met a Leicester OG (Craeski), got some great advice and insight
and also got to work with Craeski on some upbeat Hip-Hop music that we were able to record at
Radio2Funky!’ – SLY & ESTAR

Now, 2Funky Arts are in the process of creating their LC Hip-Hop History Documentary which will
include interviews and insight into the project and Leicester’s Hip-Hop scene.

This documentary will aired on Thursday 14 th October from 7pm – 9.30pm. There will also be live
performances from the participants on this project so make sure you SAVE THE DATE!

Limited Free Tickets Available. (TBC)
Event Details: 2Funky Music Café, 23 New Park Street, Leicester LE3 5NH
Date & Time: 14 th October 2021 7pm – 9.30pm