Radio2Funky & Adhar Project Presents “VOICES”

Friday 14th May we live-streamed our Voices for Mental Health Event, in collaboration with Adhar Project.

We had an amazing turnout with 612 people locked in to watch the stream live.

This event focused on the importance of Mental Health Awareness for the Afro Caribbean & Black Community and how we can raise more awareness and overcome the barriers that are faced with this topic.

‘It should be called Mental Well-being because when you say Mental Health, it sounds like a problem, and so already has negativity attached to it’- Astrixx

‘This show today is helping to raise awareness in our community and I think more can be done, it just needs to be a continual thing’ –Ayolah

‘I think people are quite ashamed to speak about it and are scared they will be judged… so we need to make people in our community more aware and know that it’s ok to be open and ask for help because everyone goes through things so you’re not alone’ -Shillem

‘In the black culture I feel like it’s quite taboo because it’s seen as a myth or they think you’re not eating right, so I think we need more conversations and more questions like this so people can hear and be more aware’ -SLY

It was a fantastic event, hosted by Angela Parkes from Adhar Project, and we saw a range of local Leicester talent who not only spoke about their views and experiences with Mental Health, but also gave some uplifting performances.

Artists included:
QueenMillz | Jafro |  Astrixx | Miss Fire | SLY & ESTAR | Ayolah | Dulzo | Shillem | TM

If you didn’t catch the live-stream or just want to watch it again, visit: