Our story…
In the 90s, Leicester’s airwaves were inundated with pirate radio stations playing music you very
rarely heard on mainstream radio. As these gradually disappeared, founder of 2Funky Records –
Leicester’s prominent record store specialising in Black music (which sadly closed its doors in 2012) –
decided to fill this void on the airwaves. In 2012, Radio2Funky, an internet radio station, was born
becoming part of the 2Funky family.
Playlists were dedicated to the then underground music scene, focusing on soul, R&B, hip-hop,
jungle, bashment and drum & bass. Radio2Funky was a radio station for the community, by the
community with all local DJs and presenters having an infinite passion for Black music and promoting
homegrown talent.
Over the years, Radio2Funky’s success as a community station also spilled over into 2Funky Arts –
another pillar of 2Funky and a provider of workshops and educational projects in the creative arts.
2Funky Arts, alongside Radio2Funky, developed workshops focusing on radio from presenting to
broadcast know-how, and the art of production. A new generation of radio presenters begun to
emerge in Leicester.
Since its launch, Radio2Funky has built a strong, loyal audience and supported countless DJ’s and
artists in showcasing their music artistry.
In 2018, Radio2Funky was one of two stations in the UK to be awarded an Ofcom FM license.
Radio2Funky’s dream to be the first radio station in Leicester’s history dedicated to the celebration
of Black music and arts became a reality.
Radio2Funky began broadcasting on 95.0 FM on 17 th July 2020.