Since 2021, we have been running 12 week training projects around Leicester to help young people develop their skills and knowledge in radio production, so they can create their own youth-led radio content.

These courses have been located at: Evington Youth Club, Belgrave Youth Club, and our own Radio2Funky station.

Since starting the project, we have had approximately 42 participants between 16-25 years old which has led to 14 new youth radio shows, featured on our station! Each show is different, with a unique focus on music of black origin.

One of our most recent participants is local artist LVT. She has a weekly show where she plays a variety of different music whilst also showcasing new tunes from Leicester artists.

She says: I really enjoyed learning about how radio works. I received a lot of support when starting as I was very nervous and I didn’t want to mess up, so it helped having someone there to direct you. Now I’m finally doing it on my own and I’m loving every minute of it”

Another participant says: ”I learned a lot about radio which is what I wanted to know. I also wanted to know how to have my own show which I learned. I’m happy that I have my own show now.”

Youth Radio is an amazing project! Not only has it helped young people with their confidence in radio production and communication, but it has helped us to make Radio2Funky a more diverse station, representing the voice of the youth.

For more information about 2Funky Arts upcoming projects and how you can get involved, visit their website: